Austen, Australian Shepherd Mix

austen (1 of 1)-2Meet Austen.

Austen was reportedly attacked by another dog before ending up at the shelter. His fur is matted with blood and mud, the right side of his jaw is largely swollen and he has green drainage from his right eye.

These are the injuries we can see, but actually not what we are most worried about…

According to Austen’s initial exam at county, it is suspected he has internal trauma to his lungs and/or heart from the attack. As soon as we found out about Austen’s condition, we arranged for transport to our partner vet.

What we saw when we picked Austen up was a sweet soul, broken in body and spirit from his recent trauma. We told Austen he had a new name and a new life and he actually lifted his head up to look us in the eyes, as if to say “thank you.”

For now, Austen is safe at our vet’s office receiving the care he is so desperately needs and we will update everyone as soon as we hear more.

We don’t yet know the extent of Austen’s injuries, but if you are able to help us with his medical bills, please do so by clicking the link below. The dogs only have us, and we only have you. Thank You!

Austen’s Updates:

Austen has officially been adopted! Congrats to Austen and his fur-ever family!

Austen looks amazing!Austen’s Bio: Hey, so you think you can dance? Well my name is Austen and I really CAN dance- on my hind legs, no less! I guess I must be pretty talented. I’ve been trying to teach my furry foster brother some slick dance moves, but he hasn’t caught on yet. Next I’ll be giving dancing lessons to all the kids in this house, they seem to want to learn! I love those kids (love my foster bro too, but I really don’t think he’ll ever make much of a dancer. Good thing he likes to play). I must be well adjusted, because this is the my second foster in as many months (my first moved out of state). I never missed a beat moving to a new home. I’m sure it will be the same for my forever home. Life wasn’t always so easy for me when the folks at M.A.I.N. found me. I was a mess; cuts, bruises and internal trauma (yuck), but I’m all better now and have a clean bill of health and clean coat to boot! I’m very friendly, and even learning how to enjoy the company of felines (apparently, they too are not very good dancers). Since my rescue, I’ve become quite the happy guy, but I am also very responsible. No potty in the house and I am very well behaved with all my canine friends. It’s so nice to be clean, loved and cared for!

Update July 30th from Austen’s foster mom: Austen looks good and is always looking for love. He is a good boy and very affectionate, but no manners and has no clue in the world, lol- but we are working on that. He’s doing better with the cats. He sleeps in bed with me and everyone else. No swelling at all- he doesn’t even look like the same dog. He’s such a happy guy. He’s all puppy!

Austen and his buddyUpdate July 16th from Austen’s foster: Austen’s neck swelling has gone WAY down!! He waits until I take him outside to potty. I have introduced him to my pack – he wants to play, very much the puppy! He is such a good, loving pup.

From Austen’s foster mom, July 12th: Austen is doing wonderful!! He is eating like a champ. His swelling seems to be subsiding – he oozed quite a bit today. I think he is housebroken as he waits to do his business until I take him outside. He loves everyone – adults, teens and young children. I gave him a bath today and he was so good! This baby will find a home soon! He is such a good boy!

Update July 10th: Austen remains at our vet today on fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. X-rays show no broken bones but he does have several deep open wounds, an infected wound in his neck and a collapsed lung lobe.

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